AccuFACE™ Facial Recognition System

AccuFACE™ EFR-T1 Series

EFR-T1 is PSP Security's first embedded facial recognition system designs for access control, time & attendance, and user authentication applications. It provides superior accuracy and reliability over traditional facial recognition systems under different light conditions.

EFR-T1 is designed for Access Control and User Authentication applications. It supports up to 64000 users and authenticates user in 1 second. Powers by IdenFaceTM infrared facial recognition technology, EFR-T1 can work under different lighting conditions (including complete darkness). Its active learning ability learns user face over time and resolves issues related to minor facial changes due to aging, gaining or losing weight.

EFR-T1 provides superior accuracy, speed and reliability for your mission critical applications.

AccuFACE® Advantages


Interfaces with different readers (proximity and smart card reader, magnetic stripe card, keypad) via Wiegand interface

Communicates and works seamlessly with existing access control, security, and time & attendance management systems/modules

Contactless and Non-Invasive

User can operate AccuFACE without any physical contact of the system

Operational in different lighting conditions (in light or complete darkness)

Embedded System

AccuFACE is an embedded system (no external computer is required)

Minimizes chance of tampering

Energy efficient (12VDC, 1Amp)

Low total cost of ownership

Multi-Factor Authentication

Supports multiple-factor authentication (Face, RFID/proximity card, and PIN code)

User can select different security settings (1, 2 or 3 factor authentication)

Reliable and High Performance

Proven facial recognition technology currently being used at government agencies, immigration/customs checkpoints, business corporations and financial institutions

Fast and simple face positioning

Recognition within 1 second

Expandable intelligent video features

CMS software allows user to control and monitor multiple AccuFACE systems installed within a Ethernet/WAN network